The task of increasing customer lifetime value while recruiting new customers at a reasonable cost is tough in the highly competitive European mobility app market. Our innovative performance marketing techniques helped to achieve this, propelling the biggest multi-mobility app in Europe to unprecedented heights and resulting in a 5X increase in new app users and significant revenue growth in all of their top regions.

    The Challenges:


    • Optimizing user acquisition across 9 diverse European markets
    • Maximizing return on marketing spend and user lifetime value
    • Identifying the ideal channel mix and creative strategies


    Our Approach: Full-Funnel Media Optimization and Robust Testing


    Cross-Channel Media Planning

    We implemented a holistic, data-driven media planning approach across key channels like social, search, and programmatic to reach high-intent users.

    Rigorous Creative Testing

    Our team continuously A/B tested new creatives, messaging, and ad formats to identify top-performing strategies for each market.

    Cost Curve Modeling

    Using advanced analytics, we built granular cost curves at the channel and market level to define the optimal digital marketing spend allocation.


    The Remarkable Results:


    • 5X growth in new app user acquisition with reduced cost per acquisition
    • Substantial increases in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and revenue
    • Consistent performance across all top European markets


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