Role of Digital Marketing in US Elections 2020

    Ankit Kathuria

    Did you know the #USpresident candidates had been spending close to $ 1.5 Mn per day in the battleground swing states itself?

    (data source: New York University online political transparency project)
    From August till Mid-September, #biden2020 campaign maintained a higher SOE in the swing states. However, since end of September, #trump2020 campaign accelerated and surpassed spends on Facebook ads in these states.

    The biggest jump in ad spend from Trump campaign came in Florida. Interestingly, in Pennsylvania , which turned out to be the decisive state in this race, #democrats campaign accelerated as well and sustained their lead in ad spend compared to #republicans.

    Poll results for both these states force us to acknowledge a level of correlation with their digital ad spends.

    So, did #DigitalMarketing again turned out to be the most important lever in this contest similar to 2016?


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