Digital Advertising Trends : December’20

    Ankit Kathuria

    Wondering what are the latest trends in the digital marketing arena?

    The ever-evolving online marketing space continues to emulate consumer behavior and to improve the online user experience.
    In this post, we intend to cover three such relevant topics for marketers –  
    1. Growing adoption of voice search : As per Google, 41% of adults and 55% of teens use voice search daily, most commonly for quick facts, directions and researching products or services. Almost, 91% of voice search results come from the top 5 ranked pages, which makes optimizing for voice search extremely important. The snapshot below summarizes the necessary steps required for ranking in voice search.

    2. Conversion lift attribution for  YouTube campaigns : Google has gone beyond Search Lift(increase in searches on Google & YouTube) & Brand Lift(increase in brand awareness & consideration) to allow measurement of incremental lift in conversion actions from YouTube ads. This gives the opportunity to advertisers to be able to measure from awareness to interest to conversion using Brand Lift, Search Lift and Conversion Lift for the same campaign. Google’s data driven attribution model with the usage of machine learning is designed to showcase the incremental impact of ads on conversion activity.              
    3. Role of Call-to-Action(CTA) in email marketing :  The copy and design of CTA are instrumental for the success of an email marketing campaign. 48% of brands prefer to match the color of the CTA to the one in their brand logo. Button based CTA improve CTR by 28%. CTA with first-person language increase click through rate by nearly 90%. The three main components of a great CTA are copy, design & placement. The below screen lists some of the most common tried and tested words that are used in a CTA.


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