Our Favorite Memes

    Ankit Kathuria

    As memes become more conversational and a popular form of expression, we have created this repository of some of our favorite memes:
    1. When Bernie Sanders got more attention than the new POTUS on President Inauguration Day

    2. When Oprah interviewed Meghan & Harry
    3. Bernie is back with a question for you! 
    4. If you are still unsure about including TikTok in your media plan : Is TikTok advertising going to be a fad, particularly with the rising popularity of Instagram Reels by Facebook? As a digital marketer, the real advantage lies in being an early mover on growing platforms when there is relatively lesser competition and lesser ad clutter. This not just provides high efficiency in customer acquisition cost but also helps in building high brand recall. At Solvetude, we are already seeing our clients benefitting from a customized strategy for TikTok as a platform.
      Tiktok advertising | Solvetude Marketing Consultancy
    5. Where business efficacy needs more attention than measured cost efficiency : At times efficiency isn’t effective. When it comes to online marketing attribution, last click attribution might be the easiest way to measure performance. However, the marketing budget decisions being made with that can diminish top of the funnel itself from reaching that last click attribution stage.

    Multi channel attribution

           6. After Bernie Sanders & Oprah Winfrey, Now Joe Biden also has a suggestion for you!


           7. Chart out the digital strategy & growth roadmap for your business before it gets too late!



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