7 Reasons For Businesses To Be Digital And Mobile First in UAE

    Ankit Kathuria

    Q: which country has the highest number of Facebook Users?
    A: India(Most would probably know)..

    Q: which country has the highest penetration of Facebook users, compared to total population?
    A: UAE

    UAE is also amongst top 10 countries when it comes to Instagram penetration and has same penetration levels as US.

    It is amongst the top 5 countries for voice search adoption and amongst top 10 for avg time spent online with users on average spending close to 8 hrs online everyday.

    With 99%+ internet & social penetration , UAE residents are already leading the digital wave, driven by inspiring institutional steps towards market digitization.

    Now the onus is on businesses to move fast to match the pace of users and catch the wave to be digital & mobile first!
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    Check the infographic below.

    7 Reasons for Businesses to be Digital & Mobile First in UAE

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