Social Quarantine

    Ankit Kathuria

    Have we pressed the RESTART button?

    We have seen some staggering stats on increased social media usage during this crisis.
    Meanwhile, digital ad spend has gone down dramatically, particularly from the affected sectors.
    What does it mean for businesses advertising on biddable platforms?


    But how many businesses are really using this as an opportunity to build sales pipeline cost-efficiently, which could possibly help them sail through these tough times?

    I would say very few..

    We persuaded few of our Solvetude Marketing Consultancy’s clients to continue their marketing efforts early this month with lesser budget though, anticipating high reach at low cost would still translate to a healthy flow of customers.

    The results were surprising! The cost of acquisition being way lower. For one of the clients, the cost per lead is 80% lower MoM.
    This takes me back to the benchmarks from early days of social media advertising and early movers having a cost efficiency advantage.

    Thinking about it makes me realize that actually the ‘RESTART’ button is pressed and brands leveraging digital medium now will be the early movers of this new era.
    This would not only help businesses sail through but also come out stronger when the new normal sinks in.



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